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Modern sky-high greenhouses making a debut

greenhouse-plantscraper-SwedenRight now in Sweden a 54-metre high building known as a “plantscraper” has been built and is debuting the latest idea for a sustainable and local farming setup. The building features hundreds of storeys with different crops being grown. This can help the local economy thrive off of food so that it does not have to import them from outside which helps keep the money inside the city and save money from transportation costs. Interestingly enough, these buildings can help protect from many type of droughts that may occur outside due to weather or problems with soil. Because everything is inside, there are likely many water savings because they can recycle the water and be very efficient with it. Generally when farming outside the water will either evaporate or go deep into the soil and drain somewhere else.
The increasing demand of large cities for food may make these buildings a smart choice. Seeing as they only take up a small bit of land and go vertical rather than horizontal they can provide food in an effective plot of land rather than outside taking up prescious real estate. These large modern places are likely not cheap and still cost millions and millions so the food they produce and output will have to make it worthwhile to build these. It is not yet known exactly how much food a single building can produce and how varied they can make the crops but we are expecting this to be something that may take off in the future as weather becomes less predictable and problems such as longer winters or colder winters can hurt the crops that can grow normally.
Let us know your thoughts on these great new buildings and if you know anything else you can share!

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