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Michael Lohan Fighting for Conservatorship of Lindsay

Michael Lohan is heading to court, again, and this time he hopes to protect his troubled daughter Lindsay Lohan by getting a conservatorship for her. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Lohan fears that his daughter, who has had very public battles with substance abuse, is hanging out with a dangerous crowd, including her mother Dina. For fear of being accused of financial motives, Lohan does not want to be appointed conservator himself, rather he is hoping that the judge will appoint someone to be responsible for Lindsay’s finances, anyone except for her mother that is. Lohan told his lawyer that he also hopes that a conservator will be able to get his daughter back into rehab. He hopes that without negative influences around her that she will be able to focus on her sobriety. He believes that it is the people that she’s been surrounded by that have prevented her from staying clean in the past. Also on the Michael Lohan agenda: family therapy for Dina. Just last week reports emerged that the family matriarch was using cocaine and Michael thinks that getting Dina help will in turn help Lindsay. It’s not all drama and turmoil for Miss Lohan these days, it appears that the actress may be slowly getting her career in forward motion again. Production began early this year on her new idie film The Canyons directed by Bret Ellis and co-starring adult actor James Deen. Lindsay, who hasn’t appeared on the big screen since 2010 in Robert Rodriguez’s film ‘Machete’, will play a former model who hooks up with Deen’s bad boy character. The controversial film will hopefully give Lohan the push she needs to get out of the headlines and back in the film studio until then the family drama seems to continue to unfurl at an alarming rate for the troubled young star.

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