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Mark Wahlberg talks about upcoming role in “Transformers 4″


No one was very surprised to hear that Michael Bay would be making yet another installment of the Transformers movie franchise but what did come as a shock was that Hollywood mega star Mark Wahlberg had signed on to star in the film. It was no secret that Wahlberg and Bay hit it off on the set of “Pain and Gain,” and that they were both eager to work together again but it was hard to predict that Wahlberg would be interested in starring in the alien robot franchise reboot.
Wahlberg sat down with MTV news recently while promoting his upcoming film “Broken City” to discuss his decision. “Because Michael and I had such a great experience on ‘Pain and Gain’ and for me, working in the environment with him, I had the opportunity to be the best actor I could,” Wahlberg said. “I wanted to work with him again right away and started talking to him and he just kind of said, ‘Hey I’m doing this movie. It’s completely different. I want to change it. This is how I’m going to do it,’ and I said, ‘I would love to do it.’”

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