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María LaGuerta – Cast of Dexter TV Series on Showtime

María LaGuerta

María LaGuerta is one of the main characters and re-occurring roles on the hit television series Dexter on HBO.  She plays a variety of roles in the homicide sector of the Miami Metro Police Department and does a great job of solving cases.  She is played by actress Lauren Vélez, and gives the audience the harsh truth with an elegant and eager attitude.

Quick Bio from TVFanatic.com:

Lt. Maria Laguerta is in charge of the Miami Police Department. She’s the boss of Dexter, Debra and the entire crew.

Laguerta was initially relieved of her post in the first season, but plotted to take it back from the new boss by sleeping with her fiance. Indeed, Maria isn’t afraid to get dirty in this business.

She had a romantic history with Sergeant Doakes, which was revealed in season two; and with attorney Miguel Prado, which is revealed in season three. Laguerta seems like a solid Lieutenant, treating her charges fairly.


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