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Lohan banned from Chateau Marmont over unpaid bill

It appears that once again troubled star Lindsey Lohan has proven herself incapable of staying out of trouble. According to TMZ the actress ran up a $46,350.04 bill at the famous Sunset Strip hotel and the management is not pleased. Lohan’s camp is remaining silent about the tab but according to sources Lohan is telling friends that it is all a misunderstanding. The actress claims that she was under the impression that the producers of her upcoming movie “Liz and Dick” for the Lifetime network were footing the bill and that she was caught completely unaware of the debt. According to TMZ, who obtained a copy of a letter from the hotel, repeated attempts have been made to collect on the bill. They also found an itemized list of charges that included, for her 47 day stay, 49 packs of cigarettes at a cost of $686 and a $3,145.07 bill for the mini-bar.

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