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Lindsey Lohan a Suspect in Jewelry Heist

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ troubled actress Lindsey Lohan is a formal suspect in the robbery last week of the home of Sam Magid where $100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen. The theft was reported after a party that Lohan attended was held at Magid’s Hollywood Hills home. Magid has since recanted his report but police continue their investogation based on the statements of independent witnesses who claim that they saw Lohan and her assistant take the items. Lohan’s father Michael issued a statement claiming that the investigation is a witch hunt against his daughter ” I have evidence, Sam told me that nothing was stolen and Lindsey did nothing the day after the story broke. I have irrefutable proof and witness. No matter what anyone says, I have witness and proof that Sam Magid said nothing was stolen.” Lohan is still on probation from her past runins with the law and could face jail time if she is found in violation of her probation.

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