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Lindsey Knickerbocker Arrested For Punching Cop

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Lindsey Knickerbocker, daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tammy Knickerbocker, has what anyone would consider a very bad night. Knickerbocker allegedly got white girl wasted and rammed into several parked cars before getting pulled over and punching a cop!

The 23-year-old Knickerbocker was arrested on December 14 when concerned citizens called police and reported that she had crashed into two parked cars on Balboa Island in O.C., according to the recently released police report. Instead of staying and dealing with all the damage she had just done, Knickerbocker immediately ran to a friend’s house after the crashes.

Cops followed her to the house and when they tried to talk to her and figure out what’s going on she became unruly and punched one of the officers in the stomach, which is never good. According to the recently released court documents, Lindsey Knickerbocker had a blood alcohol content of .31% when she was arrested, which is four time the legal limit in California.

Knickerbocker is charged with DUI, driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, hit-and-run, and battery on an officer. She is set to appear in court next month.



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