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Lindsay Lohan reportedly causing mayhem on set of ‘Scary Movie 5’

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Lohan is reportedly not making any new friends on the set of ‘Scary Movie 5’ clogging her trailer toilet and causing every bathroom on the Atlanta set to stop working for 2 days which in turn slowed down production on the film. According to a source, Lindsay trashed her trailer and left the shower running causing the whole thing to flood.
Apparently Lohan is none too excited to be working on the project and over the past few months has been attempting to pull out of ‘Scary Movie 5’ all together. Displeased with the way she is depicted in the movie, Lindsay has so far skipped every wardrobe fitting, meeting and phone call and has tried to break her contract claiming that she has walking pneumonia. Lohan will spoof her party-girl image in the movie appearing in bed with fellow actor Charlie Sheen, who just last month helped bail her out of her IRS woes by cutting her a $100,000 check.

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