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Lindsay Lohan personal items to be auctioned off

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan will be subject to the auctioning off of her belongings in her storage. No, she’s not guest appearing on the show “Storage Wars” the actress item’s are up for grabs since she has not paid her storage bill.

Sources close to the star say Lohan has fallen behind on paying the monthly storage bill and owes about $16,000 to the storage company. The account has reached a delinquent state and must be paid off in full before it can be opened. This feat will be quite difficult for the actress as she is in a deep financial crisis  with the IRS to the point where they have frozen her bank accounts because of unpaid back taxes. Just recently, Charlie Sheen had given Lohan a huge check to put towards her IRS bill.

If Lohan is unable to pay the outstanding storage bill by the end of the month, the unit will be auctioned off by the public. The star will lose possession over expensive designer clothes and family heirlooms.


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