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Lindsay Lohan may be headed to prison

According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, Lindsay Lohan could be facing jail time now that she’s being charged with lying to the police about the details of her car accident in California back in June.

Lindsay had originally tried to convince the police that she was not behind the wheel when her Porsche rear-ended an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway but witnesses were able to debunk her story. According to sources the actress could be charged with a misdemeanor in Santa Monica sometime this week for not being forthcoming for the actress.

According to officials, Lindsay also just barely dodged a drug charge as well stemming from the accident. She was found to have prescription drugs in her purse at the time of the crash and witnesses claim that there were pills in the back of her trunk. The charges were later dropped when Shawn Holley, Lohan’s lawyer, was able to produce documentation that proved that the drugs were legally prescribed to her client.

The charge of lying to the police could have disastrous effects for the troubled actress as she is currently on probation. If she is charged with a crime it will put her in violation of that probation and Judge Stephanie Sautner, who oversaw her jewelry theft case, could send her to prison for a long time.

It’s been a rough month for Lohan, just a few weeks ago she made a desperate call to her father after getting into a fight with mother Dina Lohan, claiming that her mother had kidnapped her and was high on cocaine. At the end of October Michael Lohan headed to court to try and obtain a conservatorship for his troubled daughter in the hopes of getting her into rehab and keeping her out of trouble.

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