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Lindsay Lohan claims cocaine addled mother kidnapped her

The trouble continues for actress Lindsay Lohan who made a desperate phone call to her father last night claiming that her mother was on cocaine and had kidnapped her. According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, who have obtained a copy of the frantic phone call, trouble erupted between Lindsay and mother Dina after the two left a New York City night club around 4 this morning. The two were taking a limo home to Dina’s house on Long Island when according to Lindsey a fight started over money issues. Apparently Lindsey had given her mother $40,000 to save the family home from foreclosure but had asked her mother to give it back. In the taped conversation Lindsey is heard telling her father “Dad, she’s on cocaine. She’s like touching her neck, and sh*t.”  Lindsay went on to say that “She’s saying disgusting things to me…I’m dead to her now.” The fight continued until officers arrived at the Lohan home at 8am to break up the fight.

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