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Lindsay Lohan Appears In Court

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Despite her “respiratory infection”, Lindsay Lohan made it to court this morning over misdemeanor charges of lying to authorities and reckless driving in a crash last summer, which is in violation of her probation.  The trouble actress was represented by New York lawyer, Mark Heller.

Judge Stephanie Sautner welcomed Lohan by saying, “I’m glad to see you’re feeling better,” referring to the actress doctor’s note excusing her from court. After learning a warrant would be out for her arrest if  she missed court, Lindsay quickly flew from New York to LA although her sickness advised her from flying.

Lohan told the judge that she was putting her legal troubles in the hands of Heller and moving on from former lawyer Shawn Holley. Judge Sautner gave permission to Heller to represent Lohan  and also stated that the actress could be found not guilty in the lying case. She also stated that Lohan could be in violation of her probation in the jewelry case since the standard of proof is lowered.

The next hearing will be March 1st. A March 18 trial date is also scheduled, but Lohan is not required to attend. The latest hearing was the first in over a year that the actress was required to be in attendance.


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