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Lance Armstrong apologizes to staff ahead of Oprah Winfrey interview


Former Tour de France champion cyclist Lance Armstrong sat down for a heart to heart interview with Oprah Winfrey today but first he addressed his Livestrong Foundation staffers in Austin, Texas to apologize for his recent fall from grace.

Rae Bazzarre, who is the foundation’s Director of Communications and External Affairs said that  Armstrong, “offered a sincere and heartfelt apology for the stress [the Livestrong staff has] endured because of him and urged them to keep up the great work fighting for people affected by cancer.”

Last October, Armstrong was forced to step down as Livestrong’s chairman after doping allegation caused him to lose his 7 tour de France victories and be banned from professional cycling for life. Throughout it all Armstrong still maintains that he is innocent and has never used performance enhancing drugs. His Oprah Winfrey interview is scheduled to air on Thursday where he will be once again forced to confront the allegations that ruined his career.

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