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Lady Gaga Sued By Former Assistant For Unpaid Wages


Looks like Lindsay Lohan isn’t the only celebrity in the court room. Pop icon, Lady Gaga was in court recently for accusations of unpaid wages by her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neal. The singer said some not so nice words while under oath about the ex-employee on Thursday.

Lady Gaga called her former assistant, Jennifer O’Neal  a “f—king hoodrat who is suing me for money she didn’t earn”.  Lady Gaga had a lot to say about the allegations. “She thinks she’s just like the queen of the universe,” said Gaga. “And, you know what, she didn’t want to be a slave to one, because in my work and what I do, I’m the queen of the universe every day.”

The singer kept ranting in court later referring to O’Neal as a “disgusting human being.” She added, “She knew there was no overtime, and I never paid her overtime the first time I hired her, so why would she be paid overtime the second time? This whole case is bull—t and you know it.”

Jennifer O’Neal is suing the Born This Way singer for $393,000 in unpaid overtime. The lawsuit was filed in November of 2011 in Manhattan. O’Neal’s claims also include damages and 7,168 hours overtime.

It’s no surprise that Lady Gaga would be sued who is worth $52 million according to Forbes.


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