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Lady Gaga Loses Millions Of YouTube Views


Pop princess Lady Gaga was stripped of millions of YouTube views when the video sharing site cleared out accounts it deemed created by hackers and bots.

Lady Gaga has lost 156 million views across her entire network of videos, losing one of the highest totals out of all entertainers. The crackdown comes after YouTube already stripped Sony and Universial records of 2 billion views across all their videos and networks because YouTube stated that many of the videos migrated to the company’s VEVO pages were “dead videos”.

Another portion of the stripped views from Sony and Universal were due to what YouTube calls “de-spamming the data.”

Many of the Youtube views were taken away as a result of Sony, Universal and EMI’s decision to bet on VEVO.

Lady Gaga was not the only artist affected by YouTube’s views cleanup, other entertainers include Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. At the time of the original clean-up, singer Leona Lewis lost 24 million views.


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