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Kim Kardashian’s Sister Khloe Bashes Kris Humphries


On the premiere of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami”, Khloe Kardashian shared her true feelings towards her sister’s soon to be ex-husband Kris Humphries.  “Like, seriously, what a waste of your time,” said Khloe about the short lived marriage between Kim Kardashian and the basketball player.

Kim Kardashian is currently in a divorce battle with the NBA player, which seems to be lasting longer than the actual marriage. “It’s a really expensive dream that won’t leave me alone. I’m annoyed about it, but I’ve taken it to a level where I’m like, I can’t stress this. The judge says we will be divorced in 2013,” said Kim on last night’s show.

Humphries isn’t going down without a fight.  “I don’t know how’s she so calm about this. He’s suing her for an annulment. The only way to legally get an annulment is if there”s some type of fraud involved. So Kris said Kim defrauded him to marry her for press,” Khloe sniped. Adding, “if you wanted to marry someone just for press, wouldn’t you have picked someone that was actually popular?”

Kim is currently dating Kanye West and expecting their first child together. Rumors of wedding bells for the new couple have been ringing for months, but Kim still has to fix that whole married-to-someone-else problem. Nonetheless, KimYe is moving forward, and recently purchased a new home that is currently being renovated to include a theater and a gym.


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