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Kendrick Lamar Stops By Chelsea Lately

Kendrick Lamar is finally speaking out about his controversial verse on the record “Control”. He first sat down with Power 106 and has made his way to the couch of funny girl Chelsea Lately. The emcee was all smiles as Chelsea called him a “cute little nugget” and chatted it up about his upbringing in Compton, his dreams to play basketball, and of course, Miley Cyrus.

“It was shocking, very shocking,” he said referring to Cyrus’ racy VMA’s performance with Robin Thicke. “It didn’t get in the way of what I was doing, but I was definitely interested.” All talk has been on Miley and Robin Thicke for their vulgar performance at the VMA’s, but Lamar also aided the R&B singer on stage to perform their new hit with 2Chainz.

Chelsea also brought up the rapper’s controversial “Control” verse that has many in rap buzzed. “A lot of cats I named, they’re actually good friends of mine. I basically wanted to show that I’m competitive,” explained the rapper. “That keeps the level of hip hop alive as far as the culture.” The response has been varied as rappers who weren’t even called out made a comeback tape to the verse.

Chelsea also hit on the rapper’s aspirations before he turned to rap where he admits that he wanted to go to the NBA. “Before music, I wanted to be Michael Jordan. But like you said, I’m a small guy, I only grew to 5’6″ and it deferred my dreams to actually writing rhymes.”


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