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Katherine Jackson Regains Guardianship of Michael’s Children

After several weeks of turmoil and infighting things are returning to normal for the Jackson clan this week. Katherine Jackson, the family matriarch, had her guardianship reinstated in court today after the judge found her to be doing a “wonderful job” with the late singer Michael Jackson’s 3 children, Paris age 14, Prince Michael age 15 and blanket age 10. Katherine had temporarily lost custody several weeks ago after temporarily disappearing. T.J. Jackson, son of Tito Jackson, had been given temporary custody, will continue to have temporary guardian responsibilities and will later be given joint guardianship with Katherine. In other Jackson family news Jermain Jackson has removed himself from a document claiming that Michael’s will was “fake, flawed and fraudulent” issuing a statement saying that “after much soul-searching it is clearly time for us to live by Michael’s words about love not war, in this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive branch.”

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