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Justin Tranz Famous Hynpotist Tricks Random Ikea Experiments

Time Travel Experiment - He Thought We Had a Garage Joke - Ikea Sponsored Review Article Thumbnail by Josh Bois Global Entrepreneur

This IKEA Prank Has These People Believe Something Radically Different, HA!

Beth and Jeff, “you have moved into your first apartment”, “it is time to ask that important question….will you marry me”. What does that line sound like? Sounds like a play or a funny comedy but it is from the new viral series on Youtube that is sponsored and produced by IKEA called, The Time Travel Experiment. This is the second part to a multi-part series that is all about helping people feel as if they have traveled in time. So how is this all accomplished? Well they ask random store on-goers to stop and if they are agreeable in general to being hypnotized they have a famous skilled hypno expert in the production area who will get those two people, the couple, or friends, family, etc to all of a sudden enter into a mindset that is much different where they are vulnerable to accepting radical new things! In one of these videos they are able to get this guy to seriously ask his girlfriend of who knows how long to marry him! They simply put a ring in his hand and the hypno expert essentially “suggests” or “tells” this to him and he believed it! Some people are likely to be less prone to accepting radical new ideas like this and may not be able to be hypnotized!

I don’t personally know if I could really get hypnotized I feel so strong willed! Anyways these couples are really believing their new situation and take it quite seriously. Makes me always wonder of course if it is true or if this is just a comedy with a lot of production value from organization and them making something totally up, which is still funny anyways! Anyways the video will be embedded below so that you can watch the video too. It is only 3 minutes, 47 seconds so it won’t take up your day and you will for sure think it is quite funny! It’s fun to blog about videos like this that actually make you laugh.

When you think about it there are multiple types of different viral videos. There is always of course the typical video which you watch a couple times and maybe share here or there but don’t really talk about too much. I mean, in all honesty how many conversations can you have about a quick cat video or cute dog video. Yes they are cute and all of your friends can be like, “oh cute”, but they don’t truly start a conversation. Videos like this get you to truly think and start discussion with your friends about what the future could truly be like!

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Visit the Ikea Time Travel Experiement video directly to watch it: Here

Watch The Official Video Below


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