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Justin Bieber Mourns Loss Of Fan Briana Tejeda

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There’s seems to be a lot of hate going around for pop star Justin Bieber, but no one can deny that he has a lot of love for his fans. One of Bieber’s biggest fans, Briana Tejada, sadly passed away from leukemia on Sunday at age 11. Thanks to folks on Twitter who launched a social-media campaign in her honor, Briana finally got to meet her hero, and it’s clear he won’t forget her anytime soon.

“Just got news about little Briana,” Justin, 19, tweeted Monday. “I was honored to meet her. I know she is up in heaven smiling. #ripBriana #love”

Briana’s family tweeted back at Biebs, writing, “Thank you Justin. Our family and specially us parents are very grateful. #ripBriana #love #justinforbriana”

“Meant what I said,” he tweeted back. “She is smilling down from heaven. :)”

Briana got to meet Justin thanks to the #JustinForBriana hashtag that started trending around the world on Jan.18th. She was able to meet Bieber backstage in Nashville, and her parents said the was “a dream come true” and posted a sweet picture of Justin giving Briana “the best kiss she’s ever had!”

Justin also made two heartfelt videos for Briana. “I just wanted to say my prayers are going out to you and your family,” he said straight to the camera. “Thank you so much for believing in me and being a big fan. And I’m your biggest fan, and I love you so much.”


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