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Julie Ofcharsky (“The Devious Diva”) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @JulieOfcharsky

Julie Ofcharsky aka The Devious Diva is a talented singer coming from the great city of Boston, Massachusetts and one of the housemates on BGC9. Julie Ofcharsky also appeared on the hit show American Idol and is known for her beautiful voice and sexy looks. But behind the pretty face is a MMA fighter who isn’t scared to go toe to toe with any other chick in the house. She gets into fights with her roommates early and often, and is often the target of verbal and physical attacks. Julie Ofcharsky still holds her own throughout it all and shows the girl that she won’t take their attacks lying down.

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  • julie why did you attack andrea like that you should have fought here 1 on maybe i should get 10 girl to jump you lol

  • Janee is a fan

    I thinl zuly is sexy and funny chick who just loves haven a good time

  • jules

    Hi Zuly…i really liked you on the show! I think your soo sexy and i liked the way you talked and got what you wanted! I wish icoud meet you in person! You seem like you would be soo much fun to hangout with! your soo chill but fun!

  • EatThis

    Sexy looks? haha this bitch is the ugliest member in the history of bgc + the fact that she tried to kill a bird shows that she got some serious mental issues. She has no chance in the music industry, because she already have proved to be a bully and the world hates bullies.