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iZettle Putting Smile on Britain’s Local Entrepreneurs


iZettle Helps Britain’s Entrepreneurs Out for 12 Hours

So what did this iZettle company do for some local entrepreneurs? They put these entrepreneurs in front of the busiest shopping street on Oxford Street, one of Britain’s most popular areas for consumers.


Go on…. right? Well to show that they cared about these small businesses they gave them the chance to setup their own dream or flagship store here for 12 hours and make as much as they could! From tea companies to clothing companies it was an impressive roundup and quite a clever way to show potential tourists what using their mobile payment system would be like. This is what I like to call a Win-Win relationship where the consumer wins, the sponsor wins, and the company itself ofcourse wins too!


Essentially they took six different businesses create this flagship store throughout this period. It helped to give a lot of attention to several small growing businesses and give them some awesome press. iZettle is worth looking into as well. The device is very small and when you really think about it, it is a secure way to process credit cards but in much more style. Even though these days you can use a smart phone at the register, that is likely to lose its battery or be a target for thiefs. The iZettle payment device takes away alot of the risk of theft and increases the liklihood of something being very reliable as well. Instead of all sorts of software problems that can go wrong with relying on an app or a third-party payment swiping system, the iZettle is a dedicated device customers can stick their credit card into. It is quite innovative and I really like it as a business consultant, writer, and even personality who talks about these topics on camera… along with my advice.

The Really Cool Looking Payment System


Yes, so that is what it looks like. The top part there you can insert a credit card. It is subtle and small and you can have these in every employees pocket. It is seriously slim and isn’t something somebody would take because likely it is programmed just for your store, although I cannot verify that as I am not an expert.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below along with anything else you want to share with the world about these payment systems!

As somebody who has used the Paypal Here system along with square for consulting transactions along with some others as well, I can tell you this is not quite as portable yet in a retail setting it makes all the difference with style. It just looks more serious than the smartphone alternative. Feels more scalable and simple as well such as it to be used at a concert or something as well.



Anyways check out more about iZettle and don’t forget to watch the video below!


Article By: Josh Bois, Global Entrepreneur and Personality





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