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Is Britney Spears headed for disaster, again?


All has appeared well for struggling pop star Britney Spears in recent months as she has resurrected her career with a stint on the show “The X-Factor” but a source close to Spears says that she is showing signs of unstable behavior and her boss Simon Cowell is less than pleased.

“She acts like she has a different contract than everyone else,” the source says. “She shows up late, she wanders around aimlessly and she is in her own world. She wasn’t ready for this responsibility.”

Simon Cowell, creator of “The X-Factor” is also disappointed that Britney Spears has not caused the rating boost he was expecting and now her job may be in jeopardy.

Her unusual behavior also caused problems on the set of her new perfume commercial. The singer reportedly first asked producers to fly in Vanilla Ice to perform a duet with her and then wanted exotic animals brought in to appear in the video. When those demands could not be met she went on to insist on doing her own makeup.

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