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Investigation into death of Amy Winehouse to be reopened


Authorities in England have reopened the investigation into the tragic death of Amy Winehouse last year after the coroner who declared the case an accidental alcohol poisoning was forced to resign amid controversy over her credentials.
Suzanne Greenway left her post as assistant deputy coroner, a job she was given by her husband and London Coroner Andrew Reid, after it was revealed that she had not fulfilled the requisite five years as a registered lawyer in the UK.
The case will be reopened January 8th to review Greenway’s findings in Winehouse’s death. Greenway had ruled the case a “death by misadventure,” meaning that no crime or foul play was suspected after the singer was found with a blood alcohol content  5 times the legal limit but no traces of illegal drugs in her system. Amy Winehouse, who had battled with addiction for several years, had only been out of rehab for two months at the time of her death.

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