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Hulk Hogan embarrassed over sex tape scandal

Pop culture icon and former wrestler Hulk Hogan appeared on Howard Stern this week to discuss the sex tape that surfaced last week that was made over 6 years ago without his knowledge. The Hulk-a-maniac says he is “devastated” by the release of the tape featuring himself and the swinger wife of a friend Heather Clem. Hulk claims that the tape was made at a time when his marriage to ex Linda was falling apart and that he was suffering mental abuse at home. He maintains that he had no idea that there was a camera in the room and refused to say who might have placed it due to pending legislation. Hulk Hogan began a new marriage back in 2010 and says that the surfacing video has shaken up his new bride. “It was at a really low point when I was in a previous marriage when things were bottomed out completely. I was with some friends, and I made a wrong choice. And now of all of a sudden it surface, you know over six years later, and it’s just appalling. It’s totally flipped my new life and my new role upside down.”

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