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Heidi Klum confirms relationship with bodyguard

Supermodel Heidi Klum took to the television today to confirm rumors that she is in a relationship with her longtime bodyguard Martin Kirsten. Klum appeared on Katie Couric’s brand new talk show to talk about her increasingly ugly divorce from singer Seal and though she appeared nervous in talking about the new relationship she did say that “it just started” and that while she didn’t know where it was headed longterm that she trusted Kirsten with the lives of her children. According to sources close to the supermodel and TV host, Klum and her bodyguard boyfriend have been getting to know each other better on recent trips to Italy and New York City. Despite the new relationship Klum insists that she was never unfaithful during her seven years of marriage to Seal and that she “never looked at another man.” Seal has been outspoken about his disapproval of the relationship saying that she should have waited until the divorce was finalized before “fornicating with the help.”

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