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David Bowie Called Out By Catholic League


Legendary entertainer David Bowie has been called out by the catholic league over his new “The Next Day” music video, which has called him a “switch-hitting bisexual senior citizen from London.” Strong words.

Catholic League President Bill Donahue called out Bowie in a blog post titled “Bowie’s “Jesus” video is a mess,”and he had quite a bit to say in the recent posting.

“David Bowie is back, but hopefully not for long. The switch-hitting, bisexual, senior citizen from London has resurfaced, this time playing a Jesus-like character who hangs out in a nightclub dump frequented by priests, cardinals and half-naked women.”

Donahue’s biggest issue with Bowie and his music video is the excess displayed in it, but he stills wonders if the entertainer still thinks about Religion. “Not sure what he believes in today (anyone who is “not quite an atheist” is not an atheist), but it’s a sure bet he can’t stop thinking about the Cadillac of all religions, namely Roman Catholicism,” Donahue writes. “There is hope for him yet.”

Something tells me Bowie could care less about what Donahue thinks.


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