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Daryl Hannah arrested over pipeline protests

Actress Daryl Hannah, 51, was arrested yesterday afternoon for her part in a protest against the construction of a pipe line that will carry Canadian oil through wood county. Hannah was one of seven arrested yesterday along with wealthy land owner Eleanor Fairchild, 78 and taken to jail on charges of criminal trespass for holding protests to prevent Trans Canada construction from moving forward with their $7 billion pipeline project. Fairchild’s farm has been the scene of the protests, Her land has been condemned through eminent domain to provide pipeline access and she has joined the fight with other Texas land owners to protest the process through which the land was obtained and to voice environmental concerns about the pipeline. The sheriff of Wood County spoke with the press yesterday giving voice to his frustrations with protesters and “outside environmental activists.” “I can’t stop the pipeline, that’s not my job,” he said. “All we are interested in is to keep the peace.”

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