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Create Now The Adobe Campaign With A Real Time Green Screen

Adobe Creativity Picture

Adobe Create Now Features a Real Time Green Screen

The living posted campaign shows you exactly how creative people can be. It is really cool when people use green screens with their videography! As a video lover myself, and the star of JoshBoisTV I am always looking for cool new ideas for viral videos and it seems that Adobe has it spot on. They have a real time green screen where it looks like this guy is right on the edge of a cliff yet he can hold up signs to people in the crowd even wave at some beautiful women.

At the end of the video it shows the hash tag #createnow after showing their title of, Random Acts of Creativity. Usuaully when you use a green screen you edit the video after the fact and then post it somewhere for people to see. The Interesting thing about this video is that they were able to do it in real time, this is something that generally you only see in broadcast such as on the news or when the weather person talks in front of an animated weather chart which is super imposed on the screen. We think this “living poster” creation is very cool and can’t wait to try something like this out ourselves. Even though we do most of our video editing here in programs like Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects we have heard that programs like Avid can help you do this in real time. Apparently though, Adobe programs will let you broadcast in real time as well.

Unleash your creativity world, and don’t forget to use Adobe programs… the programs that help our business run everyday!

Enjoy the video below!

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