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Composer Marvin Hamlisch Passes Away at 68

Marvin Hamlisch, one of the countries most prolific composers, passed away today after a short illness at the age of 68. Best known perhaps for his compositions for the musical “A Chorus Line,” Hamlisch also provided the soundtracks for over 40 films including  “The Way We Were,” “Sophie’s Choice,” and “The Informant.” The gifted composure also did work for the James Bond film series and worked with the likes of Woody Allen and Aretha Franklin. Not many details about his health have been released but according to his publicist he collapsed today at his home in Los Angeles after suffering a brief illness. Hamlisch received many accolades during his long career including 4 Emmy’s, a Tony, 3 Oscar’s and a Pulitzer. Stars of stage and screen have come out in honor of the great composer today issuing statements that illustrate the high regard in which Hamlisch was held.

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