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A Celebrity Paradise in Dubai

Careers as movie, sport and TV celebrities pay with lots of fame and cash. Investments by celebrities don’t take long to grow as their fame acts as the best marketing tool they have. The huge fan base they have and their connections with the richest businessmen on this planet makes investing easier for celebrities.


Since the rise of Dubai many Hollywood, Bollywood and sports celebrities have opted for Dubai for their secondary residence. Some even invested significant amounts in real estate in Dubai. Their fame, for sure helps their investments to grow. As a result, Dubai is becoming a famous celebrity destination and their followers are also developing a liking for Dubai. The government is anticipating a significant increase in the city’s reputation and revenue in the next few years!

Burj Dubai: H?åchstes Haus wird eingeweiht

Celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt purchased an island on the shore of Dubai on 2007. Famous English footballer David Beckham owns an ultra-luxurious home on the palm island worth US$ 1.6 million and an apartment in the Burj Khalifa worth US$ 5 million. Bollywood idol Shahrukh Khan has shown great interest in Dubai real estate also. He owns a signature villa in Dubai and has also endorsed a boulevard named SRK Boulevard along with many other real estate projects. Giorgio Armani, a famous fashion designer, has also played a key role in designing interiors of the famous Burj Khalifa. Kate Hudson, a famous Hollywood celebrity, has also invested in a billion dollar apartment project in Dubai. Abhishek Bachan also owns a luxurious villa.

brad pitt jolie

Many other famous celebrities are investing in Dubai, availing the opportunity of safe investment with quick returns. The capital they bring with them is helping Dubai grow and raise the standard of living in Dubai. Consequently their followers have started to prefer Dubai as a secondary residence and a safe investment as well. In the near future, celebrities will be seen walking on Dubai’s beaches or driving along on its boulevards. Dubai, surely is on its way to become a celebrity paradise!


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