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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 3 “Buck the System” RECAP

Episode 3 in the dramatic seventh season of Showtime television series Dexter begins with Wayne Randall’s (convicted murderer that committed suicide) mother bringing in extra belongings that she has held onto for her son.  The emotional meeting at Miami Metro is short-lived and they gather the evidence in order to bring closure ...

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Dexter (Showtime) Season 7 Episode 2 “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl” RECAP

As the second episode of Dexter begins, we see Dexter Morgan taking responsibility and ownership of his murderous and serial killer tendencies.  He confesses to his sister Debra Morgan that he is in fact the serial killer that Miami Metro has been following for quite some time.  Debra is really shocked and appalled at this news ...

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