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Season 10 Atlanta

Stephanie George (“The Harlem Heartbreaker”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10 Via @ItsShayGorgeous

Stephanie Michelle George, aka “The Harlem Heartbreaker,” is a cutie appearing on this season of Bad Girls Club filming in Atlanta. Born in Elizabeth. New Jersey, and now living in Harlem, NY, George is known for breaking both the hearts of men and women who get caught up in her ...

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Shannon Sarich (“Buff Barbie”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10 Via @sarich_shannon

Shannon Sarich, aka the “Buff Barbie,” is another crazy chick that’s on this season of Bad Girls Club taking place in Atlanta. The vicious vixen of season 10 currently resides in Portland, Oregon where she is surrounded by close loved ones. Sarich’s bold and in your face attitude is the ...

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Paula Hellens (“Hell on Heels”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10 Via @TheHeLLonHeeLs

Paula, a.k.a the “Hell on Heels,” is a city chick with a feisty attitude hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. This petite beauty took college seriously at Jackson State University where she became the first member in her family to earn a college degree, and also a love ...

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Janae Bradford (“The Houston Hellraiser”) Of Bad Girls Club Season 10 Via @JanaeBGorgeous

Janae Bradford, aka The Houston Hellraiser, is a cutie from the town of Houston, Texas. She is also one of the original house members in season 10 of Bad Girls Club, which is taking place in Atlanta this season. Bradford has been getting into fights with her roommates all season ...

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