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Season 9 Mexico

Vote For Your Favorite Bad Girl Of Bad Girls Club Season 9 (POLL)


Check Out The Bad Girls Club Season 9 Cast: Ashley Dye (“The Platinum Partygirl”) Erika Jordan (“The Boss Bitch”) Christina Salgado (The Sultry Spitfire) Falen Ghirmai (“The D.C. Celebrity”) Julie Ofcharsky (“The Devious Diva”) Mehgan James (“The Texas Temptation”) Rima Mellal (“The Wild Child”) Andrea Jones (The Pin-Up Princess) Zuly Ramos [polldaddy poll=6508279]   After voting for your ...

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Zuly Ramos of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @ZulyRamos1

Zuly Ramos 1

Zuly Ramos was selected as the replacement for Christina Salgado for a physical altercation with Rima Mellal. This is the second replacement Bad Girl on the show after Andrea Jones replaced Erika Jordan for her physical altercation with Rima Mellal. Check out Zuly here on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/zuly.m.ramos Follow Zuly Ramos ...

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Rima Mellal (“The Wild Child”) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 Via @Rimanelli


Rima Mellal aka The Wild Child is an exotic chick coming from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois just like her fellow cast mate Erika Jordan. From the moment Rima Mellal gets on the scene she’s a target for the other girls, and they start picking on her relentlessly. Rima Mellal doesn’t ...

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Mehgan James (“The Texas Temptation”) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @MehganJames

mehgan james7

Mehgan James aka The Texas Temptation is a sexy model coming from the great city of Houston, Texas. Mehgan James walked in the house showing the other girls that she is not scared of them, all while flaunting her good looks and talking about how the other chicks are hating ...

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Julie Ofcharsky (“The Devious Diva”) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @JulieOfcharsky


Julie Ofcharsky aka The Devious Diva is a talented singer coming from the great city of Boston, Massachusetts and one of the housemates on BGC9. Julie Ofcharsky also appeared on the hit show American Idol and is known for her beautiful voice and sexy looks. But behind the pretty face is a ...

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Falen Ghirmai (“The D.C. Celebrity”) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @FalenG


Falen Ghirmai aka The D.C. Celebrity is a sexy chick coming from Springfield, VA who definitely lives us to her nickname. From the moment she gets on screen it’s non stop diva action, rubbing many of her roommates the wrong way.  When she’s not getting in someone’s face, Falen Ghirmai can be ...

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Christina Salgado (The Sultry Spitfire) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @Christina_Jerz

Christina 1

Christina Salgado aka The Sultry Spitfire is a crazy chick coming from Jersey City, NJ, and this girl takes no crap. She established early on in the season that she is someone you do not mess with, and was ultimately kicked off the show for beating the brakes off another ...

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Ashley Dye (The Platinum Partygirl) of Bad Girls Club Season 9 via @xoblondbarbi

ashley dye 5

Ashley Dye aka The Platinum Partygirl is a sexy chick hailing from Bartlett, Illinois who was on Bad Girls Club: Mexico and ended up being one of the most liked females for the season. Ashley was pretty chill most of the time, but she was always down to party at the drop of a ...

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