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Lindsay Lohan Stars In The Canyons

Lindsay Lohan stars in the upcoming film entitled The Canyons. The indie flick could be the troubled actresses comeback to acting where she stars alongside adult film actor, James Deen. Lohan opens up the trailer by asking, “Do you really like movies?” She continues, “No, really .. I don’t know. ...

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Eminem Gets Candid About Past Drug Use

Eminem gets very candid about his past drug use in the new documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs. The rapper talks about his addiction to Vicodin and how a near death experience wasn’t enough to stop him from using. “Had I gotten to the hospital about two hours later, ...

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LaBeouf Does Acid While Filming “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman”

  Shia LaBeouf has been doing a lot of independent films and showing his range as an actor, and he’s showing that he takes his craft very seriously. During an interview with MTV, LaBeouf admitted to trying acid while filming The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman, but not because he “wanted to ...

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