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Cat Fight: Erica Dixon and Shay

Erica Dixon got in a nasty fight with Shay Johnson during a taping of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” that left Shay bleeding from the face!

Erica put them paws on Lil Scrappy’s friend Shay, aka Buckeey, yesterday! The pair started scraping while they were both attending a salon party thrown by Karlie Redd to celebrate the launch of her new hair line.

FunkyDineva.com reports that Erica was already at the party when Shay showed up and that ‘s when things got ugly. Erica and Shaw have never gotten along, but it seems that the pair got into an argument almost on-sight. Things quickly escalated from a heated verbal argument to an all-out brawl. It’s not clear what exactly sparked the fight, but many assume that is has something to do with Erica’s fiance Lil Scrappy.

MediaTakeOut.com claims that Erica sliced up Shay’s face with a razor blade, but both of the girls deny those allegations. However, Shay’s camp told Funky Dineva that she was winning the fight when Erica picked up a shiny object and hit her in the face with it.

It’s not clear what Erica supposedly picked up, but she said that she didn’t need any help in her battle with Buckeey.  “WTH? I don’t need any type of weapon, I got these hands!! #runupgetdoneup #pointblankperiod,” Erica tweeted yesterday.

Although Shay’s camp admits that she was bloody after her fight with Erica, Shay didn’t  seem to have a scratch on her in a shot she posted on online, tweeting, “LETS SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!! This is what im looking like 4/11/13! Apparently them PAWS need 2 go back in training!”

That could be a lot of big talk as some witnesses claim that Shay looked a complete mess after the fight. Supposedly, Erica beat Buckeey up so bad that salon stylists spent nearly an hour in the bathroom with her to get her look back together.

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