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Breaking Bad: Redux?


Spoiler Alert: Breaking Bad ended its series run in September 2013, and a dark cloud has loomed over the T.V. landscape since. (That’s my spoiler – there’s at least one person who just found the time to watch the finale tonight over a little Pollos Hermanos takeout.) I still can’t hear Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” or Tommy James and the Shondell’s “Crystal Blue Persuasion” without tearing up a tiny bit. What’s done is done, right? You “Better Call Saul” for that one.

Yesterday, Walter White himself, Bryan Cranston, said in an interview that the “one who knocks” might get back into the game (you know what “game” I’m talking about). Additional “Farewell Season” episodes haven’t been ordered, but AMC will open up the Breaking Bad universe once again this November. The network will premiere the spin-off/prequel series, Better Call Saul; it will follow the rise of Albuquerque’s smarmiest attorney and human Rolodex, Saul Goodman (masterfully, ham-fully and brilliantly portrayed by Bob Odenkirk). You may see where this is going.

Breaking Bad 2: Skinny Pete’s Revenge

Vince Gilligan, creator and executive producer for both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, envisions the new series to retain the underlying dark humor of the original that was fully present when Saul Goodman made an appearance. However, the most important ingredient for this pure-grade “fanthamphetamine” is the revelation that many of Breaking Bad’s regulars will make appearances in Better Call Saul. Until Cranston shared his openness to don the Heisenberg pork pie hat again, many fans were concerned Walter White and Jessie Pinkman would only be there in spirit (while the real Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were on another movie set or stage).

Think of all the possibilities this could bring. But to be honest, I’d DVR a season of “The Creepy One-Eyed Teddy Bear’s Happy Fun Time Pool Party,” (you know which “one-eyed teddy bear” I’m talking about) if it meant a cameo by the evilly-redeemable characters from Breaking Bad.

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