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Breaking Bad Episode Recap (Spoilers)

Breaking Bad is just one episode away from the series finale and last night it had fans both weeping and tinging with the every second. In last week’s episode, there was an epic shoot out and this week showed us who made it out alive. Note to readers, spolier’s ahead.

Once the dust cleared, we saw that Hank’s partner Gomez didn’t make it and he wasn’t far behind. Though Walter begged and pleaded, even losing $70 million in the process, Hank’s fate was set. “We originally had the discussion about a year and a half ago, and [Gilligan] told me about what episode he’d be dying in,” said Dean Norris, the actor who plays Hank. while he wasn’t surprised, fans were hoping there was some way he could make it through. Todd’s  Uncle Jack shot Hank and went off with 7 barrels of Walt’s money.

The shocker though is in the way Walter totally broke bad as he gave up Jesse to the Nazi clan who was hiding under a car and finally admitted that he could have stopped the death of Jane the night of her overdose. The hurt in Jesse’s eyes were apparent as wept as they took him off to get some answers. Luckily, they didn’t shoot him right there, but Todd had other plans for Walt’s original protege.

Marie made a visit to Skylar to convince her to tell Walt, Jr. everything, not knowing the true fate of Hank. Walt, Jr. was nothing less than confused about the situation and was quick to turn against his father during an altercation as Walter tried to get the family to leave with him.  From the beginning, Walter did this to take care of his family, but in a blink of an eye they turned their backs on him. He tried to leave off with baby Holly, but the guilt came over him and he decided to drop her off at a nearby fire department.

As for Jesse, he is shown chained up in what looks like a lab where Todd simply states, “Let’s cook.” The episode ends with Walt waiting on that infamous curb to get his new identity and start a new life …for now.


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