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Brad Pitt and his Dodge Truck

Nothing screams American man more than a pick up truck does, so why is it no surprise that Brad Pitt rolls around in one in his films? Here is the famous actor using the new Dodge Ram 1500 on the set of one of his past films Moneyball. Ok so the film might be a few years old now, but it made a huge impression on an international scale and in particular, the vehicle pictured left a lasting impression. Many people traveled to the USA with esta visas (esta-visa.co.uk) to pick up information on buying these vehicles and importing them back to the  UK.

Movies like this are part of the reasons why pick up trucks and dodge trucks in particular have spiked in popularity across the pond and onto mainland Europe.  Not only are they classic American cars used by celebrities in films and in real life, they’ve now spread to the UK where they can also be purchased as they are gaining in popularity.

We predict that the future for these ultra american and popular cars in Europe and beyond is bright and rosie if celebrities like Brad Pitt and alike continue to use these cars in their movies, because lets be honest, which man doesn’t want to be like Brad Pitt! I know I would!

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