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Bourne Legacy Movie Trailer – Entertainment

Well world the new Jason Bourne movie is finally out in theaters and now playing. You may remember the legendary acting performances in the previous movies and now they are kicking it up another notch. The main character in prior movies was Jason Bourne, essentially Matt Damon, as a government trained spy that can do just about anything. This new movie essentially features another crazy trained spy other then Jason Bourne. Judging from the trailer I cannot tell if Matt will be in this movie as well; the main character is now somebody else.

The new character in The Bourne Legacy is Jeremy Renner who you may recognize from Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. If you like action with a slight hint of drama, secrecy, and cool spy scenes then you may like this movie! We are yet to see if but the trailer definitely makes you want to go see this. The previous Bourne movies were really good so we are thinking that this one will follow in their footsteps even without Matt’s prevalence.


Check out the official website for The Bourne Legacy, which is a Universal Movie, here: http://www.thebournelegacy.net/#/home



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  • The other movies in the series were awesome. Super excited to see more!