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The Best Strictly Come Dancing Guests Ever

Strictly come dancing, the place where celebrities pit themselves against each other in order to win the crown of the best ball room dancer for that year! It’s an addictive watch and one of the kings of saturday evening television in the United Kingdom. It’s been running for 11 years now and with each year the dances and routines become more and more spectacular. However, with every amazing routine theres a not so good one close behind it and in someways, thats what makes this program so special to watch. Everyone is there to have fun and even the celebrities who weren’t born with natural rhythm enjoy themselves! With all that in mind, who have been the best guests on the show, and by “best” I don’t mean the best dancers, rather the “most entertaining”! Lets have a quick look at my personal favourites.

Simon Webbe

(image courtesy of the BBC)

A former member of the boy band Blue, Simon Webbe captured many peoples attention whilst on the show. Although he finished as a runner up in the 2014 season, many thought he could have won the show as his dances were near enough perfect on many occasions!

John Sergeant

(image courtesy of the BBC)

Known more for his political views and reports rather than his ball room dancing skills, John Sergeant won everyones hearts with his entertaining dances in the 2008 series before quitting the series in a shock move. Maybe he wasn’t the best dancer in the world, but he gave us some funny and amazing moments which is what Strictly is all about!

Kara Tointon

(image courtesy of The Times)

Winner of the 2010 series, Kara Tointon simply lit up the dance floor every time she stepped on it. Her chemistry with her dance partner Artem Chigvinstev was one of the highlights of the show and it helped propel her to final where she beat Matt Baker and Pamela Stephenson. One of the best and ultimate all time strictly celebrities!

Ann Widdecombe

(image courtesy of the BBC)

With so many classic moments, Ann Widdecombe makes this list because she gave us some of the best and most light hearted funniest moments ever in the Strictly Come Dancing series. Don’t believe us? Just watch a few of these amazing clips and see for yourself!

Pixie Lott

(image courtesy of the BBC)

After conquering the pop charts for a number of years, the 23 year old essex girl entered strictly as one of the favourites to win. She was ultimately eliminated in a shock exit in week 11 but her dances left a lasting impression on the strictly viewers and she deserves her spot as one of the best guests on the show.


There are many other amazing celebrities who have been on the show and I’m sure this years will have some special appearances also!


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