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Axl Rose makes a rare appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The notoriously late rock star was right on time for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to give his first live TV interview in 20 years. The Guns ‘n Roses front man was surprisingly open and endearing as he talked about everything from his Halloween tree to his upcoming shows in Las Vegas. An older and wiser Axl undertook the 12 minute interview to promote his bands 12 night residency at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, The Appetite for Democracy shows kick off on October 31st. Topics of conversation ranged from Rose’s early days in rock ‘n roll, hitch hiking to Los Angeles and working as a Tower Records manager to his framed picture of the Oscar Wilde quote “Punctuality is the thief of time” that hangs in his home. Rose also revealed that he sets up a Halloween tree each year and gives out presents to visiting children, joking that it’s “the most evil thing I’ve ever done. I say to them, ‘You mean you don’t have a Halloween tree.” Rose also answered questions that were submitted via Twitter before the interview. In response to the question as to what he does when he runs off stage during a performance Rose replied that he feels dumb standing on stage during instrumental solos. Another fan wanted to know who Rose was going to vote for in the upcoming election to which he responded that “I don’t really vote,” the irony of an upcoming tour called Appetite for  Democracy and not voting was not lost on Kimmel who gave him some good-natured grief on the subject. All in all, both Kimmel and the audience seemed pleasantly surprised by the singer, whose reputation for tardiness and bad boy behavior precedes him wherever he goes. Rose even went the extra mile, bringing along a hamburger truck to feed the crew and audience after the show.


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