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iZettle Putting Smile on Britain’s Local Entrepreneurs

iZettle Helps Britain’s Entrepreneurs Out for 12 Hours So what did this iZettle company do for some local entrepreneurs? They put these entrepreneurs in front of the busiest shopping street on Oxford Street, one of Britain’s most popular areas for consumers. Go on…. right? Well to show that they cared ...

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Justin Tranz Famous Hynpotist Tricks Random Ikea Experiments

This IKEA Prank Has These People Believe Something Radically Different, HA! Beth and Jeff, “you have moved into your first apartment”, “it is time to ask that important question….will you marry me”. What does that line sound like? Sounds like a play or a funny comedy but it is from ...

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New Tom Tom Commercial Featuring Alexandria Morgan Running Strapless

Want to track your athletic activity more easily? You  can easily track your athletic activity without having to wear a chest strap by using one of the new watches from Tom Tom which features a touch screen on it and can monitor your heart-rate. This is perfect for all of ...

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Create Now The Adobe Campaign With A Real Time Green Screen

Adobe Create Now Features a Real Time Green Screen The living posted campaign shows you exactly how creative people can be. It is really cool when people use green screens with their videography! As a video lover myself, and the star of JoshBoisTV I am always looking for cool new ideas ...

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Mastercard Priceless Surprises Truly Amazing!

Priceless Surprises These Guys Won’t Forget These days people get so caught up in life they forget about the small things that can make you happy like friends and family and just doing genuine nice things for other people.  Mastercard recently had a special campaign where they would come and ...

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Frigo Revolution Wear Keeps Men Comfortable and Always Ready

This post brought to you by Frigo. All opinions are 100% mine. If you’re a guy or perhaps a girl looking to buy the guy in your life a gift, then you definitely need to check out the Underwear collection from Frigo. The Hot New York brand makes high-end underwear ...

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