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Ariel Winter’s mom almost banned from ‘Modern Family’ set

The drama continues for young ‘Modern Family’ actress Ariel Winter, who was removed from her home last week and played under her older sister’s guardianship amid allegations of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her mother. A source, who worked on the set with Winter’s for over a year, has come forward telling TMZ that Winter’s mother was such a nightmare on the ‘Modern Family’ set that producers wanted her permanently banned. According to the source Winter’s mother, Chrystal Workman, was hated by the crew for her treatment of her 14 year-old daughter. She allegedly would keep a constant eye on Ariel and berate her for her appearance. She also refused to allow her daughter anything to eat other than vegetables and egg whites. It got so bad that may members of the crew would sneak Winters food when they could get it passed her hawk-eyed mother. Money was also an issue for Workman, who constantly complained that Ariel needed to earn more to pay for their home, her agents, publicists and her manager.

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