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Angus T. Jones and the future of Two and a Half Men


A few months ago, child star Angus T. Jones sparked controversy when he took to the web to rant against Two and a Half Men, the show that made him famous, calling the series filth and encouraging viewers to turn off their televisions.  As the time for season 11 to premiere looms ever closer many are wondering if the young actor will be returning to the show.

A week after announcing that he wished to leave the long-running show Jones issued an apology to his fans and co-stars but does that mean that all is forgiven?  According to CBS boss Nina Tassler, the network is interested in renewing the series, Angus T. Jones included. “We have told Warner Bros. we’d like to have an eleventh season and they’re equally,” she said. “Stay tuned.”

She also expressed interest in renewing Jones’ contract saying, “We’d like him to be part of it next year he’d like it to be. I think he’d like to come back too.”

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