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Angel Batista – Cast of Dexter TV Series on Showtime

Angel Batista

Angel Batista is one of the investigators and detectives assigned to many cases at Miami Metro Police Department on the hit television series Dexter on HBO.  He works very closely with María LaGuerta and is a close friend of Dexter Morgan, Vince Masuka, and Debra Morgan to name a few.

Quick Bio from Wikipedia:

Batista is a Detective in Miami Metro Police Department’s Homicide Division. He works closely with Dexter Morgan during cases, often teaming up with him for his expert advice on serial killers, and considers himself Dexter’s best friend. Batista, while unable to share Dexter’s fascination with blood, appreciates the art of murder. In the novel series, Batista is not a detective, but a forensicofficer who works alongside Dexter. He is also referred by himself and others as “Angel no-relation” in reference to former Cubandictator Fulgencio Batista.

Angel is a friendly, good natured character who provides a sense of humanity and compassion in Dexter’s life. While he is prone to making rash decisions and acting on emotion, he does not harbor any resentment for even the worst fate hands to him and is shown to care deeply for those who work around him. He is also well known for his trademark fedora hat which he is almost never seen without.

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