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Amber Tamblyn Joins Two And A Half Men

Two and a Half Men has said good bye to both Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Scott, but they’re still going strong. Now to be added to the cast is Charlie’s long lost lesbian daughter to be played by Amber Tamblyn.

Tamblyn will play Jenny in the upcoming season of the CBS sitcom. She will make her debut on the series on the September 26 season premiere. CBS gave fans a first look at the upcoming season by showing a photo of the new cast member alongside Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher. The threesome are spotted sitting around the kitchen table.

CBS describes Jenny as a “sassy and self-assured”. Just like her character, the first meeting of Tamblyn and her cast mate Cryer was an audacious one. “I told Jon Cryer to go ‘F’ himself in the audition in front of [creator] Chuck Lorre,” said Tamblyn. “True story.” Similar to her father, Jenny is a flirtatious lesbian who loves woman and wants to break into the acting business. “There’s definitely a lot of Charlie Harper in the character I’m playing,” explained Tamblyn.  “She’s the modern gay Katherine Hepburn with a sailor’s mouth. Her liver is its own superhero.”

As for now, Tamblyn is signed on for five episodes with the option for more. Two and a Half Men airs it’s 11th season on September 26.


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