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ABC Sitcom in development based on Justin Bieber’s life


Justin Bieber fans rejoice, a sitcom based on the young singers life may be headed on air for the 2013-14 television season.The show doesn’t have a title yet but has been in development for over 2 years. It was passed over by ABC last year but they have decided to reconsider the show for the new season.
The show would be produced by Bieber himself, along with manager Scooter Braun and Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi of “Entourage” fame. The story was focus on Justin Bieber’s life growing up as an awkward teenager in Canada before he got rich and famous.
Bieber was born in London, Ontario and raised by his single mother who taught the youngster to sing and play drums, guitar and piano. At the age of 12 Bieber gained international attention after his mom posted videos of him singing on YouTube. No word as yet as to whether Bieber will be appearing on camera on the new series but it wouldn’t be his first foray into television. Bieber has appeared on the hit show “CSI” as well as MTV’s “Punk’d” and “Saturday Night Live.”

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