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An Eminem & Chris Rock Collaboration?

A Funny Man Collaboration…Em & Chris Rock!

Chris rocked posted a picture of himself with rapper Eminem while in the studio and then went on to say in an interview that he was going to be featured on his next album…sort of!

While he wouldn’t say anything at first about what the two have been doing together, Chris is finally talking, a little. The comedian has posted the picture that is posted below on his Twitter account captioning it with, “In the studio with Em don’t sleep.” He was then interviewed on May 4, 2013 and teased the world and rap fans further.

Eminem & Chris Rock Collaboration New Album
Chris Rock hangs with Eminem in the studio.

Chris Rock’s Interview Dialog, Talking About Possibly Appearing On Eminem’s Anticipated 2013 Album

So is Chris on the album? Well, he remained pretty hush hush when he showed up on Fuse TV’s United States of Hip Hop one week after posting that picture.

When asked about what they were doing in the studio and if he was going to be featured on the Eminem record, he said:

“Uh, I can’t really say. Hey, hey, I was on the Kanye [West] record – maybe I’m on the Eminem record. You never know. Then when the interviewer joked that Eminem looked younger in that photo Chris said, “Yeah, yeah, but money does that, I’m 65, man! Money is the best lotion in the world.” 

Dr. Dre on Eminem’s New Album

Dr Dre won’t say a word about the new album either while also being interviewed the other day. All he would say was, “Em is finishing up his project. And for me, man, I’ve just gotten inspired again to go back into the studio, so I’m just really having fun with life and having fun with being creative.” This will be Eminem’s eighth album, Dr. Dre did say that Eminem was almost finished with this new album and that rapper Big Sean will be on the album.

Rap icon Eminem will release his new album later this year. And as far as Chris Rock being featured on it, we’ll just have to wait and see!

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